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Some good news

Congratulations to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and the first woman ever to hold that position in the history of the USA.

And here we have California conservatives going solar. All hail the Viridian Pope-Emperor, who has been working to make sustainable energy stylish for years, the Rocky Mountain Institute, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, GZ Brown at my alma mater, and all the people who've been working so long to make this possible.

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I'd add Cris Benton & Gail Brager to that list, but I fear I'd be ignoring several other big names in the CA sustainability scene. That's one nice thing about moving to Portland, and U of O, is that I don't have any kind of culture shock on that front.

Sounds fine to me; that's why I ended "[...] and all the people [...]". By the way, I just got UO's "Memorials and Museums [...]" lecture series announcements; want to carpool down to some of the ones that aren't going to be given in Portland?

That's really cool. I want photovoltaics and a solar hot water heater for *my* house! :-)

good day!
I remember you asking once, not so long ago, in architecture community, for interesting links or pictures (i guess) regarding houses. Well, I scanned some pages from a book for a friend recently, and later uploaded on the internet so share with other architecture-related people. It's about vernacular houses from Bosnia and Herzegovina, dated to times of Ottoman yolk in this region. The book is half a century old itself, but still has a nice account on things- especially about how way of life influences arhictecture, maybe tad bit romanticised because the writer himself was foreign at the time too.
So, here goes nothing: an excerpt from "architecture of bosnia and way to the contemporary" by Dušan Grabrijan and Juraj Neidhardt, 33 megs file:


I hope you won't find it a waste of time.

I'm away right now; I'll take a look at the files when I get home!

I finally downloaded this & took a first look--it looks really interesting. Thank you very much!

hehe my pleasure!
I'm glad you weren't only annoyed by it!
Have you found many other suggestions or links in your survey? Maybe you can post about them in lj-architecture...

PS.-( at your own good time)
In case you could use some visible color photographs of such houses, alas, at their current neglected state, I've got some of my own all over internet:
(first two links- houses in the south, others- north; best known urban examples aren't here, maybe google "svrzo house" or "biscevic house")

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