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Hail, hail

Backyard, with hailIn the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “This Never Happens.” Only it did. We had a very impressive hailstorm last Wednesday, and here's a picture of a corner of our backyard, with hail.

My mother had her 84th birthday on that same day. It would have been difficult for me to be in Portland then, so I took her to dinner at Old Wives Tales, a rather nice Portland restaurant, on the day before. We had a good time which, for me and my mother, is neat; I think I'm finally learning how to cope with her. It's about time!

Recent reading, not in any particular order:

• Naomi Kritzer, Turning the Storm. I despair of writing a short review. A thorougly idiosyncratic theological novel, set in an alternate northern Italy which Jesus also visited. The main character (I am not giving too much away, I think) is a lesbian.
• Diana Wynne Jones, The Merlin Conspiracy. Ever wondered what really bratty kids with charm spells would be like? And they're only secondary characters in this sprawling novel. Jones, I've decided, is a Welsh relative of Jack Vance: quietly funny, even in stories that are serious, and fond of detailed visual description.
• Nina Kiriki Hoffman, A Stir of Bones. The back story of A Red Heart of Memory, told from Susan's viewpoint, about how the characters met. Ends a good bit before the explosion that set Red Heart in motion.

Time to go make some dinner. (The cat thinks so, too.) Maybe more about my life in a few days.

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