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Profile, Quizzical

That's scarcely better than no policy at all

...except that Clinton has almost no policy at all. Summary of the Democratic Pestilential candidates energy "policies". My exasperated comments:
  1. Bio-fuels are one of the most inefficient ways to gather solar energy for transportation imaginable. In addition, bio-fuel agriculture competes with food production, and uses valuable water.
  2. There is no such thing as clean coal.
  3. Sequestration is an extremely risky policy; we don't know if we can do it at all, and it will have to be maintained for the entire future of humanity.
  4. Only Richardson has a public transit policy
  5. Only Edwards is willing to abandon oil-company subsidies
  6. Obama has a new subsidy for the domestic auto industry. (One cannot make these things up.)

Save us, Al!