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Profile, Quizzical

Net partiality

Seems that ATT censored the webcast of Pearl Jam's Lallapalooza set. Now, broadcasters have held the bleep in reserve for as long as there has been broadcasting, ok, fine. What is striking here is that the bleep man was ready to bleep political commentary--criticism of President Bush. (And, if there are any Bush supporters reading, ask yourself if you'd like to hand the bleep button to Hilary Clinton.)

Now do you understand net neutrality?

Via Daily Kos.

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I saw a story in the NY Times this morning that AT&T has essentially acknowledged they were wrong and announced they will be conducting training to prevent a reoccurrence.

They caved? Wild. The only official anything I'd heard was that it was a technical glitch. I need to look at the news more often.

And I still trust 'em about as far as I can throw 'em.

I don't think they caved--I think they're just spinning. Seriously, why should their bleeper be paying attention to political content at all?

No, I don't think they're changing the position that led them to censor. I'm just surprised they admitted it wasn't a technical glitch. Admission of error in public has largely gone out of style.

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