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Trouble: that LJ user map site

(Altered because of an LJ security snaffle.)

It seems to be some sort of data-mining operation, gathering statistics about LJ users and selling them. It has no connection with Live Journal. The support discussion is here, but is apparently secured in some way, so I'll summarize it here:

(Me:) The site http://ljmaps.robobeasts.com/ has been making the rounds on LJ. The site owner does not (so far as I can tell) identify themselves and their privacy policy contains the following sentence: "If you choose to be excluded from searches, your personal interests will still be included in statistical analyses of the entire user population, but will not be publicly linked to you personally." Also, the site is tricked-out to look like part of LJ, but it's subtly different (wrong colors and so on). Without more information I don't trust the site at all.

(reply from LJ privacy team:) The site located at http://ljmaps.robobeasts.com/ has no affiliation of any kind with LiveJournal, and should not be treated as a trusted site. Administrators have been made aware of the site, and may take any action they see appropriate.

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