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Profile, Quizzical

Phil Foglio, postmodernist

BTW, has anyone noticed the wonderful digression Girl Genius has taken into a story commenting on the story? I find this wonderfully funny. It's also gracefully providing backstory that explains volumes 5 & 6. Odd to think that Girl Genius may be one of the great literary comedies, but I am beginning to suspect it it so.

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What, you didn't realize it already ;)? Mind you, I thought this sort of meta-ness was par for the course as far as intelligent novel-length fantasy went.

It's exceptionally well-done, however. Part of what changed how I saw it, too, is that my girlfriend went out and bought all the books after I sent her a link, and reading them through I got more of a sense of the story has a whole. Lasting value can't be predicted, of course; "Rust and moth are the only true critics." Still, I wonder...

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