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Shark, Apple. Apple, Shark

Jump, Apple, jump!

In one of these great moves in marketing history, Apple has decided not to support UIs written in C or C++ in 64-bit apps. Adobe CS4 is going to be greatly delayed on the Macintosh because of it, if the people who need CS4 (which is likely to include the most of the entertainment industry) even bother with Macs any more. Way to go, Apple!

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This is actually not entirely accurate.

Apple has decided not to support apps written using the Carbon api's in 64-bit - or rather, they've decided not to produce a 64-bit version of the Carbon API - this was the API that basically mirrors the old pre-mac os x apis, and was used to ease porting of apps from pre-mac os x to mac os x.

The cocoa gui apis are all 64-bit capable/aware.

CS4 will probably not be delayed on the mac, from what I understood. But Adobe still[1] has not moved their CS line from the carbon apis to the cocoa apis (for better or worse) and so until they do their CS suite as a cocoa app they won't be able to do it as a 64-bit app, which probably won't happen until CS5, from what i've been reading.

To be fair, apple at one point early in leopard's development announced that they were planning on doing 64-bit carbon support - but then dropped it for various reasons. Not having stated those reasons, we're left to assume whether it's because those resources got pulled off to the iPhone or whether there's too much legacy crap in carbon that assumes a 32 bit world that doesn't make the transition to a 64 bit world terribly well.

[1] The first betas of OS X providing the new cocoa apis were made available nine years ago, the first commercial release of OS X and the cocoa apis was seven years ago, during which adobe released photoshop 7, 8 (CS1), 9 (CS2) and 10 (CS3), all the while with apple saying 'you should be switching to cocoa'.

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