randwolf (randwolf) wrote,

Betrayals: reflections on Scott McClellan

What's striking about this is that suddenly all the W. Bush administration's misdeeds are in the press. For which I say yay! But...but...this is going to provide an excuse to ignore the progressive bloggers who kept the issue alive when the whole country was flying off the deep end. I think they're going to try to send us back to our closet, like they did the feminists who were screaming about the Taliban before 9/11, and people like Paul Krugman who, despite being a major and popular commentator, a brilliant economist and teacher of economics, is not taken seriously by much of the USA. The media types who participated in the disaster of the past eight years are trying themselves and absolving themselves. Obama refuses connections with the progressive bloggers; perhaps he thinks we're political poison, and perhaps he's right. Damn if I think it's fair, though. And, more importantly, if the people who made this mess possible aren't discredited, if there aren't trials of the genuine criminals they enabled, then it's all going to happen again. This is the second time this gang has been in power. The left has been saving the USA from itself since 1930 at least. Maybe it's time we did something different.

[Just deleted one of the nastiest comments I've ever seen from this post and banned the commenter--one of those crazed Obama supporters one hears about. Non-friend comments are now screened.]
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