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Profile, Quizzical

Paul Krugman on political reporting for the next election

—Don't talk about clothes.
—Beware of personal anecdotes.
—Look at the candidates' records.
—Don't fall for political histrionics.
—It's not about you.

The full article, with examples, is here, for a few days. Registration required. Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him?

(Personal notes later...)

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Saw it earlier today and thought about linking to it. To me, the most important (and perhaps obvious) line is:

A close look at Mr. Bush's record as governor would have revealed that, the approved story line notwithstanding, he was no moderate. A close look at Mr. Dean's record in Vermont reveals that, the emerging story line notwithstanding, he is no radical: he was a fiscally conservative leader whose biggest policy achievement — nearly universal health insurance for children — was the result of incremental steps.

Yeah...I'm thinking about starting the KF journalist evaluation; a number from one to five, using those as a checklist.

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