April 28th, 2005

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Seen in Seattle

Well, I'm back from my preliminary job-hunt. Haven't bagged anything yet, but early signs are encouraging...but I can't write too much about that. Meantime, I can tell you I saw a yacht named the Indulgence in Shilshole Bay Marina; a plump little motor-powered ship with a cabin big as my apartment and a boat on the deck. Depending on the internals--I am not certain how much fuel it can carry--, the Indulgence might actually be an ocean-going yacht. Most likely not, but there's plenty of islands on the northwest coast of North America to visit, and the owner of the Indulgence could travel in fine style; anchor comfortably far from any island with a questionable shore, lauch that boat, and land.

And there's a copy shop in downtown Seattle called Golem Copies!

o/~ I don't care man, I'm happy./I got an old fat boat/She's slow but handsome/Hard in the chine and soft in the transom/I love her well; she must love me/but I think it's only for me money. ~/o--Gordon Bok, Old Fat Boat. Buy.
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