randwolf (randwolf) wrote,

Living in the dark

Well, New Years has come & gone. I spent the evening at the Portland Country Dance Community's New Years contra dance, then stumbled back to my mother's place and spent the morning taking care of her.


Have decided to move to Portland, job or no—I can start making social connections that I intend to keep, be a struggling artist (struggling with myself, apparently) there just as well as here, and take better care of mother with less effort. If you know of a studio apartment or room available in Portland Oregon, please drop me a note.

In more fun news, a few days ago a raccoon came up to our back porch and stole the cat's food. Interesting to watch; it looked very much like a small bear, with the round body and the lumbering walk. But I'm picking up the food dish after Summer, the Aggressive Lap Cat has eaten his fill from now on!
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