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Profile, Quizzical

The Japanese invasion & "life, don't talk to me..."

"Koji Imai, Japan's answer to Drew Nieporent (spiked with Alice Waters's ingredient obsession), is expanding his empire to TriBeCa with the 285-seat Megu, having taught a community of Amish farmers in Ohio to grow edamame [green soybeans, in the pod] to his exact specifications."—NY Times article

Zen Amish? The mind reels.

"In the year 2028, Tokyo is overcrowded, polluted, and (unlike present-day Tokyo), occasionally attacked by demonic entities [...]"—From a summary of Silent Möbius, found in The Anime Encyclopedia.

There is, it seems, little enough happening in my life. I've finished a bit more of a drawing. The weather here is utterly foul—ice everywhere—, and has kept me inside the poorly-insulated house I share in Eugene for two days and frozen the drain of our washing machine. There is probably one more day of awful weather coming, too. I'm having an attack of hives that probably is related to poor maintenance of said house (mold, I bet). And (partly because of some of the above) I am damnably depressed; I sleep too much and I'm short on motivation. Blargh. Hope things get better soon.

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I hope things get better soon too. The weather should break soon--this kind of thing is very unusual in Eugene.

Thanks--a night's sleep has helped and when I got up the it was sunny, the temperature was above freezing, and everything was melting. Now to go out and find medicine for the damn hives...

*sends you some dry arizona air*
Thinking of you, my dear.
I am losing my ever-loving mind in activity.
Wish I could just sit with you and talk.
I hope CCON winds up being there in OR.

Oooh, thanks. Things are better today. Hope I see you at Ccon this year...

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