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A Moving Tale

Blararargh. I have the creeping crud. I had to leave a dance I was enjoying for lack of energy and concern with spreading this around. Now my voice has vanished. So, what to do? Write about the move!

Now, my vague plan was to haul the stuff I wasn't bringing yet to storage on Sunday, and then bring the rest (and my car) to my new place on Monday. And, well...

[...wee paws, continuing Wednesday evening...]

First problem was I neglected to reserve a truck for Sunday. So, all right, I'll do it Monday, thinks I...meantime I'll pack. By Sunday night I had everything packed except the studio and the computer. I figured there wasn't much left, so I'd finish Monday.

Monday morning I went to pick up the truck. And, well, it gobbled. Near as I can figure it wasn't running on all cylinders, at least all the time. So I went back to finish packing. I got Brian, my reggae-loving roommate, to help me haul furniture and my futon over to my storage locker, which is getting awfully full. Then I returned (late), to finish packing.

I started on the studio...and worked on the studio...and worked on the studio... I finally decided that there was a space warp in my studio--that was the only way so much stuff could fit in such a small space. By the time I'd finished that, and the computer (at least three cubic feet of accessories and cables. Yikes!), I was convinced that the mass of my stuff inside that house meant that I was inside inside the Schwarzchild radius of a black hole. This explained much, especially how hard escape was--clearly quantum tunnelling was required. It got very late--perhaps time dialation--before, with Brian's help, I'd loaded the truck.

I went and attached the car to the truck, and then I reluctantly decided to stay a last night in Eugene--I didn't want to be unloading in the dark. A good thing I did. There was not that much stuff, but a good chunk of it landed in my new place's basement.

I simply had no idea how big a studio has to be! From school, I knew how big a drafter's desk had to be. But I didn't count the storage space required for multiple projects, the table space for model-building and spreading out drawings, the pin-up space for work in progress, to say nothing of the space required for pin-ups of preliminary presentations. And computer cabling--another thing I'd not realized the volume of. If either had been set as a design problem, I'd have known. As it was, I'm still a bit stunned.

And that was my moving tale. More tomorrow, maybe.

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