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Profile, Quizzical

For those of you wondering where I am

Being alternately very busy with my move in--allergenic dust stuck to some of my stuff and so everything has to be dusted--and being ill. Two days ago I took my computer keyboard apart and individually cleaned every key with a toothbrush. Yesterday I came down with the latest crud and am good for little else today. Still no net connection at home (sigh).

Yesterday, on impulse, I checked the Portland AIA web site and found they were having a presentation by two New York designers, Caples Jefferson (Flash site). Very cool stuff; projects whose themes are African-American culture, time, and light. The competition submission for the NY Times time capsule marker (on the site, but doesn't have its own URL) which loses a piece every century is one of my favorites; but they lost the competition to Calatrava. (I plan a more complete report for the LJ architecture community--I'll put a note when I post it.)

When I'm feeling better, "The Moving Story" strikes back.

Did you know that you can clean a comb with a toothbrush? :-)