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Profile, Quizzical

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So this morning I had another proof page from my portfolio printed. I put in hours of work on it. And, still, there are problems with the linework, though lesser. Annoyingly, one of the proofs also has a subtle, ugly yellow color spot. The line-work problems I can probably fix; fixing the color problems would be helped by information which the production manager avoids giving; he refers me to their $180/hour (10 minute minimum) color correction service instead. Because of the delays in printing the portfolio, I feel like I'm missing a window in time, like falling behind the beat in a dance.

After that discouraging morning, I spent the afternoon researching computer color; ended up in the Reed College library reading Caponigro's Photoshop Master Class on Color in one of the rather wonderful neo-Gothic parts of their library. Amazing light through the high windows. And a book I've been waiting for came in at the library. Things aren't all bad.