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Profile, Quizzical


Another week, another bad print of the portfolio...but I think it may
be because the printer printed their proof from the wrong file. To be
continued...next week. I've asked my printer to get some some
specifics on resolution from Canon as well. Meantime, remember--don't
believe any printer manufacturer's published resolution; one never
gets them in practice.

In other news, the de-itchification of my stuff continues. My desk
chair is at an upholstery cleaner, and I'm doing office supplies this
weekend. My roommate I sublet from had a big fight with another
roommate and other roommate walked out. My remaining roommate
continues sick; I continue helping out. My mother, of course, is 84
and also needing help.

A pleasant First Thursday gallery walk in good company, yesterday, a
pleasant English Country Dance just passed.

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It sure seems like the portfolio printing has been quite the headache. I'm glad to hear that the de-itchification is going well, though and that you're doing well, also. *hugs*

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