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Profile, Quizzical

Recent reading

Armstrong, Karen, ed. Buddha. A biography. New York, Viking, 2001.

Asaro, Catherine, ed. Irresistible Forces. Science fiction & fantasy romances. New York, New American Library, 2004. Also the title of a "Danielle Steele" costume romance.

Borg, Marcus, ed. The Lost Gospel Q. Redaction from the Gospels of Luke, Matthew, Mark, and Thomas. Ulysses Press, Bekeley, Calif. 1996.

Lee, Tanith, Mortal Suns, The Overlook Press, New York, 2003. Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

McKillip, Patricia, The Alphabet of Thorn. Ace Books, New York, 2004.

Snow, Kimberly, In Buddha's Kitchen. Spiritual practice and cooking. Boston, Shambhala, 2003.