randwolf (randwolf) wrote,

A quiet day in; I've been working on the portfolio. (Side note: don't trust Adobe Illustrator with a greyscale file. It is determined to use color inks to create greys instead of halftoning, and this can produce very strange results with color laser printers.) I also wandered down the block and visted the neighborhood photographic design firm, drafting firm, and theatrical sound-and-light firm. Interesting neighborhood. The graphic designer at the photographic firm was nice enough to show me around; into a Portland house lot, these people have tucked an entire studio with a house on the second floor. The designer proudly showed off the new catalog they'd done for a mobile home company and I was fascinated to see that most of the images were composites; the trailer was shown neatly placed in beautiful settings but was in fact shot in the factory and fitted into the settings (or sometimes the settings were fitted into the windows.)
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