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Big brother is alive & well & living in Iraq

While we go into shock over the realization that the US has tortured people in Iraqi prisons (and try desperately to ignore the fact that it happens here, too, especially in the home state of El Presidente), other things are up.
Remember the days when every time you hear an Iraqi talk on TV you had to remember that they are talking with a Mukhabarat minder looking at them noting every word? We are back to that place.

You have to be careful about what you say about al-Sadir. Their hands reach every where and you don't want to be on their shit list. Every body, even the GC is very careful how they formulate their sentences and how they describe Sadir's Militias. They are thugs, thugs thugs. There you have it.

--"Salaam Pax"

We now return you to our regular diet of personal journaling.

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