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Profile, Quizzical

Cleaning insights

Notes from my continuing quest for a non-allergenic environment:
  1. If I cannot move all the furniture away from the walls and dust behind it, I have too much stuff in the room. Bookcases are an unhappy exeception, and I've no idea how one keeps a library clean.
  2. Vacuum cleaners only superficially clean carpet; every so often people with special equipment must be hired to do a more thorough job. One can rent simplified equipment, but one probably can't do as good a job as the pros.
  3. There is no way to dust under a wall-to-wall carpet.
  4. Keeping upholstery clean is almost as much trouble as keeping carpet clean.
  5. Computers concentrate dust.

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One of the reasons I love my leather furniture is that it's so easy to clean. Of course if you're vegetarian/vegan that might not work for you but I suppose pleather would. One thing about vacuum cleaners is knowing how low to set them. I have a Kirby, which I love, I think they are the best vacuum cleaners. You want to have the bristles close to the carpet but not so close that they can't rotate and pick up the dirt. The rule of thumb that I use is to lower the vacuum until the it sounds different and then lower it once more. That is the recommendation I got from a Kirby dealer years ago and seems to work well for me. Do you use an heppa filter at all? My folks swear by theirs.

For the bookcases, you may want to look for those disposable dusting cloths that attract dirt so that it clings rather than goes everywhere.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't use any HEPA filtered equipment, but I may need to start. Right now, however, I need to decontaminate my computer and monitor, and I have no idea how.

I don't know about your vacuum but mine has an attachment for vacuuming the keyboard. I use that and then I attack it with alcohol pads. If you don't have an attachment then tip it upside down and shake it good. I want one of those old plastic layovers for my keyboard but you never see those anymore. It sure would be a lot easier to clean that way.

You should live with a long-haired cat. It's not just that the fur gets everywhere, it's that it collects into dust-kitties, and those attract dust. (Not a suggestion, an observation. I just realized how that could be taken...)

I'm starting to rip up carpet because bare floor is so much more manageable...

I think wall-to-wall carpet is the work of the devil.

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