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Been quite a day!

After I started home last night I had a conversation with a pleasant drunken vet of Gulf War I on the MAX back to my mother's place--guy's birthday turned out to be 9/11; he is 44.

Ran mother around to three medical appointments, did a bunch of her financial stuff. As a result of this week's work, mother has a new right hearing aid (and a repaired left hearing aid on the way), a new pair of glasses on order, plans for a bunch of dental work, and a beginning at some financial plans. I think that as of today, I've set in motion all the medical and financial things I've planned to do for Mother since I moved her up to Portland. Whoo-hoo!

So after dinner there was one of those wonderful cloudy yellow sunsets that sometimes come in Portland, and I ended up watching the end of it over downtown from the eastside promenade; the Salmon Street Springs Fountain looked like an inverted bowl of water in front of the Hatfield Courthouse .

Oh, damn, I must get my digital camera repaired, or else get a new one...

Then I went home & damn near fell over from exhaustion.
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