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Move along

Well, today I was moved on by a building guard, who had determined I was a suspicious character because I was sitting in front of the Liberty Center (an insurance company HQ, not a government building) on a nice summer day, sketching. Y'know, I'd like to organize some civil disobedience--get 50 artists out there sketching, and draw mean cartoons of the guards when they come along.

This is sick and sad. 9/11 seems to have become the excuse for every bad cop--or even wannabe cop--to be a nuisance, and feel virtuous while doing it. A real terrorist could gather all the information I had noted in two seconds with a camera, and about a 10 minute walk around the building. And every bit of energy and time spent on harassing harmless citizens is energy and time which isn't spent on stopping actual terrorism.

Leaving the USA is looking more and more attractive.

And by the way, Liberty Center is a rather cool tower, in a brick veneered, neo-Deco sort of way. And there is a very nice courtyard on the south side of the building.
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