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Profile, Quizzical


There's not that much to tell; I've been job-hunting still, dancing, taking care of Mother, and trying to make more friends.

At this point, I've contacted all the major architecture firms in Portland I am seriously interested in and and moving on to lighting engineering firms, where my background with Radiance may give me an in. I've made a point of visiting at least one building designed by every firm I apply to and it's been really interesting. I'd like to write more about it; I've seen a lot of really cool buildings but I won't write about them; I don't want to offend any potential employers in Portland's small architectural community. 'sides, I don't have a good place to post my sketches yet.

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What kind of dancing? I'd love to have someone to go dancing with but then I don't really know much about any kind of formal dancing.

Did I tell you that I want to build a castle? I know nothing about architecture so that ought to be fun. *grin* I do have a lot of ideas and I need to write a business plan.

Contra and English Country, and both are done in your area--look here. Contra dances are quick and simple, and a partner's not required--you'll probably be asked.

A castle? Out of stone?

Oh! Thank you so much for looking that up for me. That sounds like great fun. :-)

As far as the castle, I'm not sure what to build it from. I want it to be and look solid but I want to also be economical. I want to build something I can later add to as the business grows so initially I'm hoping to have a gourmet kitchen, a great room for banquets, a "church" area for weddings, a small room for the bride to get ready in (I'm thinking round turret or something upstairs for that with a winding staircase that leads in to the church so the bride could descend and one that leads outside for an outdoor wedding) and a small office for me. Wow, I hadn't realized I'd thought it out that much. Of course, I need a courtyard for the outdoor weddings.

Initially I want to be able to rent the facility out and not provide a whole lot more. Catering and such will be up to them to provide but I want the caterers to have what they need in the way of a kitchen.

Later I want to be able to provide that service, among other things like providing renaissance costumes for the bridal party, make-up services and whatever else I can think of...

I have a ton of ideas for other uses for the castle, outside of weddings, such as prom nights, christmas bazaars, antique fairs and I've even thought of things like Mother's Day (Queen for the day brunch) or Father's Day (King for the day brunch). Maybe even corporate team building functions or local SCA events. Just some thoughts I've been kicking around.

Okay...that was good to write out but I'm possibly boring you to tears. :-)

You're very welcome.

I'm interested, actually; I always wonder what potential clients people want to build when they get the chance. I imagine your "castle" as a kind of SCA community center--do I have that right? Or is it more like a hospitality center?

Hmmm, no, I'd say more of an event facility with my primary market being renaissance style weddings. There is a venue like this in the Dallas area. I see mine as fitting the Austin/San Antonio/Houston market.

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