randwolf (randwolf) wrote,

Recent reading

Despite—or perhaps because of—all the heck in my life, I'm reading a lot. Some recent reading:

The Japanese Haiku, Kenneth Yasuda, Tuttle, 2001, 296 pages. Originally published in 1957. Apparently the definitive English-language work on the haiku, by poet, professor of East Asian languages, and Sacred Treasure (third order) of Japan, Kenneth Yasuda. The book covers the aesthetics, craft, and history of the haiku. The examples, mostly translated from Japanese, some by Yasuda himself, ring true to me. Recommended.

These next ones are things I picked up as mind candy.

Brown Girl in the Ring, Nalo Hopkinson, Warner-Aspect, 1998. A near-future teen urban fantasy set in Toronto, noteworthy primarily because the main character (and the author) are black and the magical context is Afro-Carribean—Voudon. It nonetheless reminds me more of Charles de Lint than, say, William Styron.

Channeling Cleopatra, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Ace, 2002. It cranks along nicely, anyway. But it really doesn't stick in my mind.

Daughter of Exile, Isabel Glass, Tor, 2004. Another interesting first teen fantasy. The setting is Patricia McKillip-like (and the packaging of the book emphasizes that). Glass is not, however, the stylist that McKillip is—yet, anyway.
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