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Get out the vote

Last night I didn't volunteer for MoveOn.org's get-out-the-vote campaign--targeted at infrequent Democratic voters because--I realized I'd hate being one of the targets of it. Later, I found out that that the target voters in the most reliably Democratic district in Portland are getting rather tired of being targeted.

I will volunteer for something--maybe even swallow my objections and volunteer for that campaign--but I realized that this is one more way in which the US system is not democratic. Voters are a self-selected group of the population, guaranteed not to reflect the whole. Maybe it would be best to simply make voting a legal requirement as it is, I believe, in some European countries? Or at least make it so easy that there would be no excuse not to? Right now, I think more effort is spent on finding out what kind of breakfast cereal the American people like than on finding out what kind of governance they'd prefer.

[Slightly edited for style on the day of posting.]