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Today & yesterday

Yesterday was dominated by the cold, so I decided not to work on the elevation (sufficiently bad mistakes would mean I'd have had to do the whole thing over) and instead finished reading & making notes on Fischer & Marek's Marx In His Own Words (or various other titles in English edition—the original is German.) Comes highly recommended by a Trotskyite author I'm acquainted with. Not very surprisingly, what Marx said turns out to be not too much like what was done in his name (among other things, he seems to have been a committed believer in democracy). Maybe more on that in a later post.

I've read a lot this past summer; it's been great to have the time. But writing about what I've read is turning out to take much more time than I expected. I'm frantically trying to finish the things I've had out from the library.

cool image of glassToday was more productive; I woke up feeling much better, so I started casting shadows on the unhatched western elevation, had some copies made for further work, and started working on the finished version of the south elevation. I looked over my digicam, which I'd thought was broken, and low & behold, it worked! So now I carry it in my backpack. I wandered down to Cafe Paradiso this evening, intending to read and make notes and found they had a Monday night show. So I ended up taking pictures of the performers, one of my glass, and one of a sign. The performer pictures I would not publish without permission, but the glass is really cool, and I'll probably show you the sign soon enough.

Oh! And here's a list of what I was listening to, while I was working Friday evening. These are randomly selected from my smallish on-line archive.
Name Artist Album
Let It Rain Tracy Chapman Let It Rain
Dream Of Life Patti Smith Dream Of Life
A Girl Called Johnny The Waterboys The Best Of The Waterboys
A Man Is In Love The Waterboys The Best Of The Waterboys
A Prayer For Santa Lucia Talis Kimberley Archetype Cafe
Bring Me To Life Evanescence Fallen
Concrete River Bryndle
Dans en Dro Lothlorien Greenwood Side
Ghostwood Lothlorien Greenwood Side
Don't Bang The Drum The Waterboys The Best Of The Waterboys
Life's Flame Heather Alexander Life's Flame
Si Beag Si Mor / Snowy Path Slainte Slainte
The Butterfly Slainte
Falling Free Tom Smith
As Long As It's Real Bryndle
Children Robert Miles
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