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Profile, Quizzical

Short notes on recent reading

Idoru, William Gibson. Cyberpunk by the inventor of cyberpunk, mostly set in Japan. Also on the world-changing power of hordes of teenage girl fans, otaku, cybershamanism, and celebrity.

Wild Life, Molly Gloss. Feminist historical fantasy set in the Portland area. Amazingly thorough descriptions of the rivers, forests, and early settlement. Fantasy elements appear late in the story, and writing anything more than that would be writing spoilers.

The Ordinary, Jim Grimsley. An sf-and-fantasy cultures collide story. The sf culture is vaguely Maoist authoritarian; the fantasy culture more interesting. There's a gay love affair--if that bothers you, don't read it.

In progress: Susanna Clarke's Johnathan Strange and Doctor Norell.

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I believe he is merely a Mister. :-) I'm within 200pp of the end. I feel a bit like Lady Pole, only I'm enjoying my enchantment. I'm also getting farther and farther behind at work, so I'm torn--I want to make it last, but then again I really need to finish and rejoin the world.

Re: If I may, sir...

A scholar superior to a gentleman? Surely not. I doubt he would acknowlege the authority of any college to grant him a doctorate, in any event, nor would a college of any repute grant a doctorate the most disreputable subject of magic. So, Johnathan Strange and Mr Norell. I am perhaps 13 of the way through the book, and I must finish it and return it to the library by next Saturday lest ravening hordes large numbers of library patrons arrive at my doorstep, seeking the book.

Re: If I may, sir...

I finished last night. Gorgeous, gorgeous book. I can't wait to reread it and find out what I missed the first time through.

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