randwolf (randwolf) wrote,


  The galaxy swings around
    like a wheel of lighted smoke,
    and the smoke is made of stars.
  It is sunsmoke.
  For lack of other words we call it sunsmoke,
    do you see?
  I don't feel languages are equal
    to what that vision comprehends.
  The richest of the languages we know,
    Xinombric, has three million words,
    but then the galaxy you're gazing into right now
    has more than ninety billion suns.
  Has there ever been a brain that mastered all the words
    in the Xinombric language?
  Not a one.
  Now you see.
  And do not see.
Aniara, 85
  The first cold showers pour
  Even the monkey seems to want
  A little coat of straw
or, perhaps
  First rain of winter
  Monkey needs
  A raincoat too
Basho, from Sarumino, (The Monkey's Raincoat)
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