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Profile, Quizzical


[summarized from a moveon.org mailing]


  1. Find your polling place ahead of time. www.mypollingplace.com will tell you where.
  2. If possible, vote in the morning.
  3. Bring ID which shows your address, preferably government photo ID. If you don't have that, try a paycheck, a phone bill, or an electic bill.
  4. When in doubt, ASK the poll-workers.
  5. Know your rights: (a) if you aren't on the list of registered voters, but believe you are eligible, you have a right to cast a provisional ballot; (b) if you're in line when the polls close, stay in line--you are entitled to vote; (c) in many states your employer is required by law to grant you time to vote. For "battleground" states, ourvote.com has more specific information.

Election Protection, a non-partisan group, is there to help to you.

For people voting Democratic, moveonpac.org has a card (PDF) with a list of DNC hotline numbers to call about problems.

I am unable to find any web sites which offer similar services to Republicans.

You talk about freedom? You talk about rights? Then get your sorry ass down to the polling place on election day and VOTE, damn you.