randwolf (randwolf) wrote,

Early election reflections

This is discouraging, but then we knew it was going to be close. The resulting governing coalition is going to do a great deal of harm to the USA and the world--I think we will lose our world leadership position and not regain it. However, I don't think the Democrats have anything to be ashamed of--they fought impressively well.

The big domestic losers in this election, I regret to say, are gays and lesbians, who will not be getting more support from either major party any time soon. Secondarily, it seems likely that the USA cannot count votes—it seems likely that if everyone who wanted to vote in Ohio got to do so, John Kerry would now be President.

Looking forward (if that is the right phrase) to Bush's second term, I foresee: probably, a draft; a mess, if not an outright defeat, in Iraq; more land wars in Asia; possible climate disaster; double-digit inflation and an explosion in the national debt; benefit cuts and dramatic increases in Social Security taxes. My guess is that by 2006 the new-coalition shine will be off the radical right, and moderates will be able to make some inroads.

Meantime, I need to take care of myself, and my old, sick Mother, at least while Medicare is still taking care of her. See ya.
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