randwolf (randwolf) wrote,

As promised after the election

A short, idiosyncratic, and incomplete list of moderate left links.

Todd Gitlin, The Left Learns from Goldwater

For reliable and interesting world news

The Agonist
Extraordinary collaborative news blog edited by Sean-Paul Kelley. My first source for global news. High-volume.
Environmental technologies and ideas
Join 'em. Support 'em.
Common Cause
Good old-fashioned clean government organization
Democracy for America
Howard Dean
moveon.org and MoveOn PAC
The internet reform organization.
Atrios the Philadelphia lawyer.
The Left Coaster
Co-operative blog, progressive Democratic left.
The Daily Kos
Political blog by Salvadoran political scientist, lawyer, and technologist Markos Moulitsas Zúniga.
The Paul Krugman Archive
Eldest of all the shrill.
Journalist Dave Neiwert, an expert on hate groups. The place to go for literate, clear-headed analysis of fascist parallels.
I begged the Dean not to make me teach "Modern American Politics" this semester. I knew that in order to teach it properly I would have to delve into the secrets of the Bush administration. I knew that I would learn THINGS THAT HUMANS (as we say in these post-sexist times) ARE NOT MEANT TO KNOW. I feared that this would drive me insane--into shrill unholy madness. And so it has.
The Sideshow
Avedon Carol. Politics and personal interests.
Voting reform
Overall issues
Common Cause
Solid basic stuff
Voting reforms, including the instant-runoff ballot
National Voting Rights Institute
On the ground legal and legislative action on campaign finance.
Counting the vote
Getting Out the Vote: Why is it so hard to run an honest election?
by cryptographer Bruce Schneier.
Journalist Bev Harris's site on voting machines and voting irregularities.
Verified Voting
Non-partisan organization devoted to accurate counting of ballots.
And, of course
The Democratic Party
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