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Profile, Quizzical

It's green

Yesterday was a long day, & I'm still recovering. But I'm not to weary to offer Article in the Times of London:
THE outgoing chairman of Shell [Lord Ernest Ronald Oxburgh, geologist, current chairman of the board of Shell UK, and chair of the science and technology committee of the House of Lords] has announced he wants to take up a post with a climate-change charity when he quits the oil giant later this year [...].

Bruce Sterling's cheery-ose report of the English "Climate Stabilization" meeting. As he puts it "so colossally grim that it's exhilarating." Guy's got the story, and great one-liners.

Recommended sites:

  • www.realclimate.org—real climate scientists for truth.
  • www.worldchanging.com—"And the thing I like best about Worldchanging? They're people from all over and not a single one of them is crying in their damn beer!"