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Thousand-dollar car, it ain't worth much

So I'm in Seattle, job-hunting. I've started downtown to my first
destination, and I've just passed the Space Needle and--whoa, what's
that smell? And why does the inside of my car suddenly smell like
antifreeze, which I'm convinced must be car piss? And why is my
windshield suddenly all steamed up?

Yes, the heater core--the radiator inside the car, which heats the
drivers and passengers--was leaking. Hot water flows through the
thing regardless of whether or not the heat is turned on and it takes
five hours to replace. Top of which the passenger-side door hand
broke off when I was getting stuff out of the car, ready to haul it to
the service station. Well, the car is an '87, and I think it's about
time to replace it. So I had the mechanic (TEC Shop of Seattle) bypass the
heater. Better not drive to Alaska or Arizona this summer!

Lyrics (I need an "irritating popup" logo, like the PDF logo) and music.

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Sorry I missed you! I just got home from work a little bit ago. Maybe next time?

Good luck with the job hunting, sweetie, and soooo sorry to hear about the car. There is never a good time for these things but why do they always seem to happen at the worst times?

Cars, they do these things to us. Can't live with/without them...sigh. Lots of sympathy from a lady who has replaced many parts of the cooling systems of various autos (mostly herself, if she could manage it) over many decades.

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