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A good day

Software of the day: Tofu and spamcop.net.

Tofu is... different. It is a novel application to address the common problem that people don't like reading text on the screen. [...] In Tofu, text is arranged in columns, and each column is only as high as your window. So lines are nice and narrow, they don't move about vertically, plus your text is now in easy-to-digest chunks. You just scroll from column to column horizontally, and feel more in control.

And, in fact, it works for me; I find it much easier to read large quantities of text with Tofu than scrolling in a browser window. Mac OS X only.

A particularly annoying spam which got through my filters this morning, sent me back to a service I haven't used in a few years: spamcop.net. You sent it your spam—that's right—and it disentagles the headers and sends you a followup message with a link. When you follow the message, spamcop prepares abuse messages for the sysadmins of the network which sent it for your approval. The basic service is tipware; an account is free but the operators do ask for contributions. For $15 a year, they stop asking for contributions. For $30 a year, they will provide filtered e-mail service.

New toy. Today I suppressed my cheapness for an hour or so and bought a USB adapter cable for my cell phone. For my first trick, I uploaded all those phone numbers which I'd put in the phone and stored nowhere else. For my next trick, I dialed an actual text modem service--the Multnomah County Library, which still maintains dialup modems for access--and in a few minutes I was reading the library catalog at a whole 9.6 kbps.

Job hunt. Today I also went down to the Portland chapter of the AIA and spent a while looking through their job opening book. I copied pages for ten openings but the more I look at these, and the firms which are hiring in Portland, the more I think I'd rather concentrate my efforts in Seattle, instead. Most of the firms which are advertising are doing interesting design and a surprising number base their practices primarily in houses for rich people. I like Seattle; it's a larger city, and it's near the sea, which I find I miss very much.

New toy reprise. I was pleasantly surprised to find that iSync had downloaded the next two weeks of my appointments into my phone. What a convenient service!

And, gf has called & will not be able to visit on her way to work tonight. Sigh. Still a good day, all in all.

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