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Political: strategic retreat

It's painful, but it beats a full-scale rout. I'd sum it up as a strategic retreat. The three judges passed on to an up-or-down vote are pure corporatists, anti-environmentalists, and bigots (I'm betting the black libertarian woman will be the one who won't be confirmed), so I'd call it a victory for the corporate faction of the radical right and the crazy bigots. The USA is, at least, not quite a single-party state and this compromise is a rout for the religious right, at least--they were hoping to set up the Kingdom of Gilead and instead they are getting the Republic of Heaven.

To continue the military analogy, the conflict now turns on logistics--who can hold out longer. It is important, now, to the Democrats to start winning seats in Congress again. Even one Senator in 2006 might make the difference.
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