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Profile, Quizzical

Made it home from the Bay Area, mostly OK

Way too long of a ride, but here I am!

I think half of I-5 northbound in Oregon is under construction.

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Sure, visit my turf & don't have lunch with me, will ya!

Construction, eh? I'm about to drive from the Bay Area to Ashland. (And I do mean "about." I leave in a couple of hours.) Wish me luck!

Oregon road conditions info at: http://www.tripcheck.com/

& I will--thanks for the invitation!

Glad to hear you made it safely.
I'm making it as far as Grants Pass/Klamath Falls, next month. Hopefully that's outside the range of the construction.

Oregon DOT road information at: http://www.tripcheck.com/

Maybe I'll come down & visit you!

It's actually booked "quality time" with a good friend who's got terminal cancer. I don't get to see her enough as it is, and in a couple of years, I won't get to at all...

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