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Profile, Quizzical

"Far left"

...and someone said, "the far left wing of the Democratic Party". What, the Democrats have a Trotskyite wing? Leslie Fish is writing anarchist campaign songs for the Democratic Party? NOT!

The real far left is Troskyite, Maoist, Stalinist, anarchist. Not Hilary Clinton. Not Barbara Boxer. Not even Bernie Sanders, independent socialist Congressman from Vermont.

To Democrats who complain about the far left of the Democratic Party: I wish you'd stop; you're playing into the hands of your opponents.

To Republicans and conservatives who task the Democrats with their supposed far left wing: the US Democratic Party has no far left wing. What are you doing about the far right wing of the Republican Party? So tell me, how is it that the religious right radicals, the corporate authoritarians, and the nationalist radicals are making Republican policy? Why did you let these people start a war? Why did you let them impeach a president? And why, for heavens sake, do you want to hand the judiciary to them?

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I'm quite sure they want to discredit Hillary Clinton before she puts herself in the running for president.

I expect you are right, though I don't see her as running any time before 2012. She might actually prefer to be a Senator; they're very powerful and they don't usually have the opposition digging into their personal lives.

Good point. I think there are a lot of folks urging her to run, though. Some feel she stands a better chance of winning than anyone else. With Jeb making trips to Europe I'm thinking that they may be priming him to take GW's place. I wonder...

It doesn't seem likely to me; but "politics makes strange bedfellows" (hoo boy!)

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