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Gore-y television

After a long day, job-hunting & this-and-that, I'm falling down tired. But here's a message coming to you from gf's house, where I am no living (gulp!) And here's the an interesting piece of news--Current TV (Flash site) launches on Monday:
We're rethinking the way TV is produced, programmed, and presented, so it actually makes sense to an audience that's accustomed to choice, control, and collaboration in everything else they do.

So, we're creating a network in short form. Whenever you tune in to Current, you'll see something amusing, inspiring or interesting. And then, three minutes later, you'll see something new. It'll be a video iPod stocked with a stream of short segments and set to shuffle.

We aim to connect to every facet of real life, so the rotation will include Current Soul, Current Gigs, Current Fashion, Current Lies, Current Tech, and lots more.


Al Gore's new project which may just be revolutionary. Any would-be video producers among my readers?

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