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Sigh...feeling ucky again—which is why I haven't replied to you, snippy. But I do seem to be getting better overall.

In the news, China has launched a manned spacecraft. The craft is a modified Soyuz, with a lot of Chinese engineering.

US supermarket employees nationwide are striking for their health care benefits. A group of supermarket chains (Krogers, Albertsons, and Safeway) are responding with a lockout. The revolution will...start in grocery stores?! And how come there is such poor coverage of this? It started last week in St. Louis and didn't make the nationl news until it hit LA, and is about to spread to West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

And in perhaps the biggest under-reported story of the decade, Bill Moyers writes about media consolidation. Tom DeLay and lots of big-media money has stopped a congressional vote overturning the latest FCC rule relaxation.
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